Should you buy a Will Kit?

More than 66% of adults haven't written out their Will. Passing away without a Will is a common and unnecessary issue.

buy a will kit
Dying Intestate (passing without having written your Will) is becoming too common considering all the options available to write your Will.
Despite what some say about Will Kits they are not a bad option, if you have pretty straight forward circumstances. If you have property abroad or overseas businesses then it would be best to seek legal advice on how to incorporate those into your Will, but if this is not the case and you do have straightforward circumstances then a Will Kit is a great way to write your Will, its cheap, easy to do and gives you full control of what you want to leave behind.
Technically speaking anyone can write their own Will provided it has all the correct legal terms and has been properly witnessed, so the negative rumours about Will Kits should be ignored.
Solicitors want you to believe that you shouldn't do it yourself because they make extortionate amounts of money from doing it for you. We are here to tell you that you can certainly write your Will using a Will Kit.
will kit
A Will Kit will have everything you need in order to prepare your Will, you can leave anything you have to anyone you want, you can appoint guardians for your children and/pets if you have them, you can leave your proposed funeral arrangements and so on.
You can buy a Will Kit today for less than £10, it includes a Last Will and Testament Form, a set of step by step instructions which have all the guidance you need to easily write your Will and a completed example to refer to.

The Last Will & Testament has 11 different sections as follows:

Article I - Revocation & Preliminary Declarations. - Revokes all previous Wills & declares this to be your new Will.

Article II - Appointing an Executor. - Appointing someone to carry out your wishes.

Article III - Appointing a Guardian. - Appointing someone to take care of your minor children, if you have any.

Article IV - Debts & Funeral Expenses. - States that your Debts, Taxes, Funeral Expenses & Testamentary Expenses must be paid.

Article V - Specific Bequests. - Specific Gifts that you want to give and to whom.

Article VI - Appointing a Pet Caretaker. - Appointing someone to take care of your pets. if you have any)

Article VII - Distribution of Residue. - To decide who will receive the remainder of your estate.

Article VIII - Funeral Arrangements. - Deciding your funeral arrangements.

Article IX - No Contest Provision. - Ensures that nobody can contest, dispute or go against your final wishes.

Article X - Signature/Attestation. - Signature & Declarations.

Article XI - Witnesses. - A section that allows your Will to be Legally Witnessed & Signed by two chosen witnesses.

In conclusion, Yes you should Buy a Will Kit if you are looking to get your Will written. If you do have a more complex situation, then the best thing you can do is seek legal advice with a reputable firm so you don't get overcharged.
So don't wait until its too late, get your Will Kit today and secure you loved ones futures.