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Our Will Kits are 100% Legally Binding in England, Scotland & Wales, include a set of Step by Step Instructions & completed example. Write your own Will with No Solicitor Needed!

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Will writing kit

Common Questions

Q - Do I need a solicitor to write my Will?
A -
 No, There is no legal requirement stating that a solicitor must write your Will.

Q - Are Will Kits Legally Binding in the UK?
A - Yes, our Will writing kits are Legally Binding & Valid in England, Wales, N. Ireland & Scotland.

Q - Where is the best place to keep a Will?
A -
 We recommend you keep it somewhere safe, dry and easily accessible to your executor.

Q - Are Will Kits complicated to do?
A -
 No, we include Step by Step Instructions which make it easy to complete your Will.

The days of paying solicitors hundreds of pounds are over. Gone are the days of wondering "Where can I buy a Will kit for less than the cost of a kidney". We have made it possible to get a legal will writing kit for less than a tenner, our aim is to make writing your Will affordable. Grab one of our Will Kits and write a Will the best way possible.

Our Legal Will Writing Kits

Writing your Will has never been easier, simply buy one of our Last Will and Testament Kit's and wait for it to be delivered straight through your letterbox. Our Simple will kits come with an easy to follow guide and completed example to help you ensure that your final wishes are met. It only takes around ten minutes to complete, it really is that simple!

Write your Last Will & Testament the easy way with a Simple Will Kit

Our Will Kits are designed for most straightforward circumstances, if you have more complex needs for your Last Will & Testament you should seek legal advice. Our Legal Will Kits are Legally Binding and Valid in the UK and therefore cover all property in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales & N.Ireland), if you do have any property outside of the UK, you should seek Legal Advice and adhere to any foreign laws as different countries have different Will related laws.

100% Legally Binding & Valid in England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland