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Couples Will Kit

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Will Kit Includes:

 2x Last Will & Testament's (2 Pages)
 1x Step by Step Guide
 1x Completed Will for Reference
• Comes in Hardback Envelope


Don't wait until it's too late, Our Will Kit's are Legally Binding & Valid in the UK and come with a set of Step by Step Instructions that will help guide you through the process, No Solicitor Needed & you'll save £100's on Solicitors Fees with one of our simple couples Will writing kits.

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couples will kit

 The Included Last Will & Testament's have 11 different sections as follows:

Article I - Revocation & Preliminary Declarations. (Revokes all previous Wills & declares this to be your new Will)

Article II - Appointing an Executor. (Appointing someone to carry out your wishes)

Article III - Appointing a Guardian. (Appointing someone to take care of your minor children, if you have any)

Article IV - Debts & Funeral Expenses. (States that your Debts, Taxes, Funeral Expenses & Testamentary Expenses must be paid)

Article V - Specific Bequests. (Specific Gifts that you want to give and to whom)

Article VI - Appointing a Pet Caretaker. (Appointing someone to take care of your pets, if you have any)

Article VII - Distribution of Residue. (To decide who will receive the remainder of your estate)

Article VIII - Funeral Arrangements. (Deciding your funeral arrangements)

Article IX - No Contest Provision. (Ensures that nobody can contest, dispute or go against your final wishes)

Article X - Signature/Attestation. (Signature & Declarations)

Article XI - Witnesses. (A section that allows your Will to be Legally Witnessed & Signed by two chosen witnesses)

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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James Baird
Easy to fill in

As the title says forms received well in time scales and the step by step instructions made it so easy to fill in

Robert Alexander

After having a stroke, thought it was time to do our wills, never to late to get it done , you don’t know what’s around the corner!

Angela Lambert

We are happy with the will which was delivered promptly. Just hadn’t thought of writing a will. But an important thing to have. The Company explain everything so easily in the paperwork provided.

Gillian Francis

The last will and testament were very easy to follow via the Instruction copy we got with the originals. Would definetly recommend to others.

Gray Robert
Will and testament

Very good