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Will Kit Includes:
 1x Last Will & Testament. (2 Pages)
 1x Set of Step by Step Instructions.
 1x Completed Will for Reference.
• Comes in a Hardback Envelope.

Legally Binding in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland.

Don't wait until it's too late, Our Will kit is Legally Binding & Valid in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland). The Will writing kit comes with a set of Step by Step Instructions that will help guide you through the process and is only £9.99. No solicitor is needed, which means you will save yourself £100's on Solicitors Fees when you buy one of our Will kits. The easy and affordable way to write your own will.

We also do a Couples Legal Will Kit for only £17.99, Click Here to take a look.

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The Last Will & Testament has 11 different sections as follows:

Article I - Revocation & Preliminary Declarations. - Revokes all previous Wills & declares this to be your new Will.

Article II - Appointing an Executor. - Appointing someone to carry out your wishes.

Article III - Appointing a Guardian. - Appointing someone to take care of your minor children, if you have any.

Article IV - Debts & Funeral Expenses. - States that your Debts, Taxes, Funeral Expenses & Testamentary Expenses must be paid.

Article V - Specific Bequests. - Specific Gifts that you want to give and to whom.

Article VI - Appointing a Pet Caretaker. - Appointing someone to take care of your pets. if you have any)

Article VII - Distribution of Residue. - To decide who will receive the remainder of your estate.

Article VIII - Funeral Arrangements. - Deciding your funeral arrangements.

Article IX - No Contest Provision. - Ensures that nobody can contest, dispute or go against your final wishes.

Article X - Signature/Attestation. - Signature & Declarations.

Article XI - Witnesses. - A section that allows your Will to be Legally Witnessed & Signed by two chosen witnesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Do you need a solicitor to write your Will?
A - No, There is no legal requirement or law that states that you must use a solicitor to write your Will, there hasn't ever been any sort of requirement or law. The truth is that anyone can write their own Will as long as it has all the necessary legally binding terms and that all procedures are followed correctly. Our will kit contains all of the necessary legal terms which allows you to write your own will.

Q - Is a Will Kit Legally Binding in the UK?
A - Yes, our Will kit is Legally Binding & Valid in England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland. All you have to do is follow the instructions that are provided in the will writing kit and you will have written your own legally binding Will.

Q - Where should I keep my completed Will?
A - It is recommended that you keep it somewhere secure, away from the elements so it doesn't get any moisture damage and it is best for it to be somewhere accessible for your executor (an executor is the person you choose to carry out your wishes). Keeping it somewhere else like a safety deposit box can be problematic for your executor as they will struggle to withdraw it and could have to initiate a lengthy withdrawal process in order to get it.

Q - Is a Will kit easy to complete?
A - Yes, our will kit comes with a step by step guide and completed example to refer to. We have made the process of writing your own will is as easy as possible. You don't need any knowledge or expertise in will writing as all the hard work is already done, so all you need to do is write down your wishes.

Q - Are there any alternatives?
A - Although there are alternatives such as the post office will kit, our will kit is more comprehensive and a much improved version over any other UK Will kit's. The post office will kit for example doesn't include any guidance on how to write your will as it is very basic and doesn't allow for as much as ours.

Q - Why should I buy one of your Will Kit's?
A - Solicitors have been overcharging for will writing for too long, all because most people are under the impression that going to a solicitor is the only way to do it. There is no law or requirement that states that you need a solicitor to write your will, technically you can write your own will on a piece of scrap paper as long as all the correct legal terms are included and all of the correct procedures are followed. Thankfully you don't need to know what legal terms to include as we have taken care of that for you with our Legal Will Kit, so save yourself £100's and buy a will kit today.


Don't wait until too it's too late, write your will today. Around 60% of you haven't written a Will and nobody knows whats just around corner. Passing without a Will could cause all sorts of problems for your loved ones. Don't keep putting it off, once you have written your will you'll no longer have to worry about it and you'll have peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are taken care of should the worst happen.


Legal Will Kit | Only £9.99 | Your Will & Testament


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