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Will Kit Includes:
 1x Last Will & Testament. (2 Pages)
 A Set of "How To" Instructions & Guide.
 Completed Will for Reference.
• 1x Envelope for Safekeeping.


Don't wait until it's too late, Our Will kit is Legally Binding & Valid in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland & Northern Ireland. The Will writing kit comes with a set of Step by Step Instructions that will help guide you through the process and is only £9.99. No solicitor is needed, which means you will save yourself £100's on Solicitors Fees when you buy one of our Will kits.

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The Last Will & Testament has 11 different sections as follows:

Article I - Revocation & Preliminary Declarations. - Revokes all previous Wills & declares this to be your new Will.

Article II - Appointing an Executor. - Appointing someone to carry out your wishes.

Article III - Appointing a Guardian. - Appointing someone to take care of your minor children, if you have any.

Article IV - Debts & Funeral Expenses. - States that your Debts, Taxes, Funeral Expenses & Testamentary Expenses must be paid.

Article V - Specific Bequests. - Specific Gifts that you want to give and to whom.

Article VI - Appointing a Pet Caretaker. - Appointing someone to take care of your pets. if you have any)

Article VII - Distribution of Residue. - To decide who will receive the remainder of your estate.

Article VIII - Funeral Arrangements. - Deciding your funeral arrangements.

Article IX - No Contest Provision. - Ensures that nobody can contest, dispute or go against your final wishes.

Article X - Signature/Attestation. - Signature & Declarations.

Article XI - Witnesses. - A section that allows your Will to be Legally Witnessed & Signed by two chosen witnesses.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q - Do I need a solicitor to write my Will?
A - No, There is no legal requirement stating that a solicitor must write your Will and there never has been any sort of law or requirement. As a matter of fact you can write your own Will provided it contains all the correct legal terms and procedures are followed correctly. Luckily when you buy one of our home will kit's all of that is taken care of for you.

Q - Are Will Kits Legally Binding in the UK?
A - Yes, our Will writing kits are Legally Binding & Valid in England, Wales, Northern Ireland & Scotland provided you follow the included instructions and complete your Last Will and Testament correctly.

Q - Where is the best place to keep a Will?
A - We recommend you keep it somewhere safe, dry and easily accessible for your executor. Storing it elsewhere such as a safety deposit box can cause problems as your executor would have to go through a lengthy legal process to obtain it as they are not you.

Q - Are Will Kits complicated to do?
A - No, our Will kit's include a set of Step by Step Instructions and a completed example to refer to which makes the entire will writing process quick and easy. It only takes a matter of minutes to write your own Will, it is simple.

Q - Is it like a Post Office Will Kit?
A - Although it's similar as it is a DIY Will kit, Our UK Last Will and Testament kits are a much improved and more comprehensive version than the post office will kit. A post office will kit does not include a clear set of step by step instructions or completed example to refer to if you are unsure. The process of writing your Will with our will kit is much more simple.

Q - Why should I buy one of your Will Kit's?
A - The days of paying solicitors hundreds of pounds are over, They have profited from an age old myth of "You must have a solicitor to write your Will" for way too long. The truth is that this has never actually been true, there has never been a law or legal requirement for this. So join the thousands of our happy customers save yourself a lot of hassle and money and get yourself one of our Legal Will Kit's.


The best thing you can do is to make a will to get it over and one with, this way you can move forward knowing that everything is taken care of and you won't have to think about it again.


Legal Will Kit | Only £9.99 | Your Will & Testament


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