Revolutionary new Will Kit takes the UK by storm!

Finally, you can now write your own Will at home without having to fork out £100's for solicitors.

home will kit

Lets face it, nobody wants to think about writing a Will and with solicitors charging ridiculous amounts of money for such a simple document, most choose not to even bother and I don't blame them.

Thankfully there is a solution to this problem. You see there is a common misconception that you need a solicitor in order to write your Will, this is a Myth! The truth is that anyone can write their Will as long as it's done properly and includes all the correct legal terms.

The new home Will writing kit includes a set of step by step instructions and a completed example to refer to, making the process of writing your Will simple and affordable, but the best part is that it only costs £9.99.


The average cost of a Will is around £200!


Yes, the average cost for a Simple Will is between £144 - £240 and it could be as much as £750 depending on your personal circumstances.

Now you can prepare your Will for only £9.99, there is no excuse. Don't wait until its too late, get your legally binding Last Will & Testament kit below.

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Legal Will Kit

£9.99 | Free Delivery