How to write your own Will quickly and easily

Writing your own Will may seem intimidating, but it is easier than you may think.

how to write your own will

Preparing your Will has always been a task that makes us uncomfortable but it is something we should all do at the earliest possible convenience. 

Knowing how to write your own Will isn't common knowledge, but now you no longer have to know how. You can now write your own Will at home with no need for costly solicitors.

Technically anyone can write their own Will as long as it contains all of the correct legal terms and is witnessed properly, you could even write it on a tissue if all the above is true. Luckily you don't need to do this, there is an easy and affordable way to write your own Will with a Legal Will Kit. 

The Will Kit is 100% legally binding and valid in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, it comes with a set of step by step instructions and a completed example for reference.

write you own will

You can purchase the Legally Binding Will Kit for only £9.99, you'll receive it through the post in just a few days and it covers everything you might need such as:

Article 1 - Revokes any former Wills you may have and declare the will you are writing to be your new Will.

Article 2 - This is to appoint an executor which is the person you choose to carry out your wishes.

Article 3 - This section is for appointing a legal guardian to any minor children if you have any.

Article 4 - The section declares that any debts, taxes and funeral expenses must be paid.

Article 5 - Allows you to give specific gifts to whomever you'd like to.

Article 6 - This section is for appointing a pet caretaker if you have any pets that would need taking care of.

Article 7 - In this section you can divide any remaining assets between anyone you want to.

Article 8 - For leaving your specified funeral arrangements.

Article 9 - This is a No Contest provision, ensuring that nobody can dispute your wishes.

Article 10 - For signing and declaring your Will.

Article 11 - This is for your witnesses to sign.

Any questions you have can be answered with the easy to follow step by step guide that comes with the Will Kit.

So there you have it, an easy and affordable way to write your Will with all the proper guidance. All you have to do is buy the legally binding will kit, wait a couple of days for it to arrive and then take at most 30 minutes to complete it. It really is that easy, so don't wait until it's too late, get your Will written as soon as you can and secure your loved ones futures. Click here to get yours.