You DO NOT need a Solicitor to Write your Will!

For years the majority of people have believed that you need a solicitor to write your Will in order for it to be legally binding, but this is a myth!

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That's right, its a myth. You DO NOT need a solicitor to write your Will for you, in fact you can even write your own Will yourself provided you include the correct legal terms and have it properly witnessed.


Never Pay a Solicitor to do it for you

You can write your own Will if you want to however, you cannot simply write your name, address and final wishes on a piece of paper entitled "Last Will & Testament" and expect it to be legal. In order to write a Legal Will, you will need to include the following:

  • Preliminary Declarations - A statement that declares you are capable of making your own decisions and that you are writing your Will under no constraint or undue influence and that you are writing the Will freely and voluntarily.
  • Revocation - A statement that revokes all former Wills and declares the will you are writing to be your Last Will.
  • Appointment of an Executor - An executor is a person that you must choose to fulfill your last requests.
  • Your Requests - This determines what you would like to leave and to whom.
  • Signature - You will need to sign and print your name on the document.
  • Witnesses - Your Will needs to be witnessed by two people who are not benefiting from your Will.


However, There's an even Easier way

If you are thinking of writing your Will but don't have the time to create a Last Will & Testament from scratch, there is no need to worry because we have the perfect solution for you.

You can get a Legally Binding Last Will & Testament Kit that has all the correct legal terms that you need in order to make a Valid Will, the will kit includes a set of step by step instructions to make the process quick and easy, all you have to do is put down your requests & follow the provided easy to follow instructions.

You can get yourself a Singles Will Kit for £9.99 or a Couples Will Kit for £17.99, Click the button below to grab yourself one:


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