Pensioners Go Crazy for New £10 Will Kit!

At last, an easy and affordable way to write your Last Will and Testament with No Solicitor needed!

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Lets be honest, none of us want to think about death, but its something we all need to prepare for whether we want to or not as nobody knows whats around the corner. 

For years people have been under the impression that you need to pay a  solicitor a small fortune in order to write your Will. This is NOT TRUE! The truth is that anyone can write a Will provided it is done properly and includes all the correct legal terms. 

The new Legally Binding Last Will and Testament Kit comes with a set of step by step instructions, costs only £9.99 and is delivered straight to your door within a few days, making the process of writing your Will Easy & Affordable. 


will writing kit



The Consequences of not being Prepared


1. Debts - Your Debts could be passed on to your loved ones, leaving them with nothing but financial struggle.

2. Possessions - Your Money, Property & Assets could be disposed of or given to and sold by the government.

3. Children - Any minor children that you have could go into the state care system and end up in a foster home.

4. Funeral & other arrangements - Your Funeral and other arrangements such as cremation or chosen burial site may not be carried out.

5. Unworthy Inheritors -Your entire estate could be given to a relative that you do not want inheriting any of your possessions.

6. Arguments - It could cause arguments between your loved ones as to who they think should get what.


Don't wait until its too late, gain peace of mind and get your £10 Will writing kit.


Most people delay it because its not nice to think about, but this can cause devastation if the worst happens you didn't prepare for it. Take action today and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of by writing your Will. Once its done, you no longer have to worry about it. Get your £10 Will Kit here.


"Pensioners Go Crazy for New £10 Will Kit!"