Pensioners Go Crazy for New £9.99 Will Kit!

Finally, you can write your will without spending £100's on Solicitors Fees with a Legally Binding Will writing kit for less than a Tenner.

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Writing a Will can be a daunting task which is why nearly 50% of UK adults haven't prepared their Wills. Choosing Not to write your Will can have serious consequences. Your Assets, Property and Money and even your minor Children could be left with someone you haven't chosen.

Starting at £9.99 for a Single Will Kit and at £17.99 for a Couples Will Kit, Writing your Will has never been easier. The Last Will & Testament Kits are 100% Legally Binding and Valid in England, Scotland, Wales & Northern Ireland, they come with a set of Step by Step Instructions and a completed example to help.


Never Overpay to Write your Will

For years Solicitors have been charging extortionate prices for Will Writing services. Most people believe that "you must have a Solicitor write your will to be legal", This is a Myth! The fact is that anyone can write a Last Will & Testament as long as it has the correct legal terms and is witnessed by two people correctly. Thankfully these new Will Kits have everything you need to prepare your Will legally and correctly.

Don't Wait until it's too Late, save yourself £100's and grab yourself a Legal Will writing Kit from only £9.99! 


Here is How to Do it:

1. Click the Button below.

2. Choose your Single Will Kit or Couples Will Kit.

3. Purchase your Chosen Will Kit.

4. Sit Back and Wait for your new Will Kit to arrive in the post.


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